Bed Heads book flanked by scruffy dog paws

“Bed Heads and other irresistible furry faces”

How can one live through a pandemic and not celebrate the amazing canine covid companions that are getting us through it?

The effect the lockdowns had on everyone’s hair was the seed of the idea for this book. Sure, my hair grew; but over time, poor Lucca started to resemble Albert Einstein. I decided to pour my energy into this project (instead of Netflix).

Bed Heads celebrates the bed heads, scruffies, floofs, and ragamuffins who keep us sane. Since this a fundraiser for local rescue Pets Alive Niagara, I snuck in a handful wannabes as well!

There are 32 dogs and a couple of cutie pie sheep showcased in this gorgeous 110 page coffee table book. Creating “Bed Heads and other irresistible furry faces” brought me a lot of happiness this past year, if it brings you a laugh or a smile too, I’ll be thrilled.

This is a limited edition printing, order your copy before they’re all gone!

On sale for $50+tax.
(For every book sold, $10 is donated to Pets Alive Niagara.)

Please email me to order your copy.