UPDATE: Dogtown is no longer in business.

Welcome to my Small but Mighty Business Series: the first of several posts that will showcase small Niagara businesses that cater to our awesome four-legged loves.

As a fellow small business owner, I want to shout out and support other small businesses that are striving to provide an exceptional customer experience, especially during these unusual times.

Lucca goes Dogtown for grooming, so I can attest to the passion and knowledge that the Wonder Women at Dogtown bring to the party.  Thanks to owner/operator Colleen Gallagher for participating in the series!

Here are their answers to my questions!

How long have you been in business?

Colleen Gallagher opened ‘Grooming by Colleen’ in Grimsby in February of 2013. As we expanded we changed our name to Dogtown and moved to a larger space in Jordan Village in the summer of 2017. We have loved every minute of it ! So nice to be out in wine country, a much more sPAW-like atmosphere!

Why did you decide to become a groomer?

Originally, I (Colleen) joined the animal care program at Sheridan College to begin the process of becoming a veterinarian. I quickly realized it was a bit too intense for me, mainly emotionally. I have a bleeding heart for animals and it breaks whenever I see an animal in distress or even worse, at the end of its life. I slayed the grooming course, I really enjoyed making puppies pretty and with the knowledge I gained from the other courses I took during that program, I was also able to educate clients not only about their dog’s skin & coat, but about parasites and illnesses, and to let them know if I see something else concerning health-wise that they may not ever notice.

It’s very rewarding to be an advocate for these innocent souls who can’t speak to let their owners know what’s going on with them!

What products/services do you offer?

We offer full service dog grooming, nail trimming, grooming consultations, as well as toys, treats and giftware. We try to stock mostly Canadian made products and we support local makers by carrying lots of consignment items!

Woman grooming a dog
Photo supplied by Dogtown

What do you think is the best thing about your business?

There really is nothing like making a shaggy unkempt dog look and feel 5 years younger. Our favourite part of grooming (besides all the doggie kisses and cuddles) is when an owner comes in and squeals at the sight of their freshly pampered pup.

Where do you sell your products/services?

We have a brick and mortar salon at 3775 19th Street in Jordan Village! you can also follow us @DogtownJordan on Facebook and Instagram

Tell us something fun or interesting about your business?

Dogtown is a female-run business with an all-female staff! GIRL POWER ❤️

The ladies of Dogtown
Photo supplied by Dogtown

Anything extra you’d like to add?

Please spay and neuter your pets! Keep your pup on a regular grooming schedule, even if you think they don’t need it (short haired breeds), they do!

Do you have any pets of your own at home? If so, tell us about them!

Colleen has a rescue pup from Save Me dog rescue named Tulo (formerly Lanny).
He had a rough start to life in Kentucky, but he’s living the dream now! His favourite things are sleeping and snacking. His pet peeves are winter and flies (sky raisins! Just not the spicy ones)

Colleen also has an English Springer Spaniel named Walter. His favourite things are car rides and swimming. His pet peeves are Squirrels/Chipmunks and the vacuum!

Both pups have been photographed by Karen ❤️